Raven Warrior
Age : 31
Height: 6'
Weight: 210 lbs

Hirad Coldheart was born into a tithe-farm family in the Rache Baronial lands. The name, Coldheart, was adopted by his family over a century ago having been used to describe the barbarian peoples who scratched an existence on the freezing steppes and hills of the north. There are very few true nomadic Coldhearts left now; Baronial land acquisition has seen to that.

A quite ordinary upbringing on his parent's farm was interrupted at age 13 by a violent dispute between the then lords Rache, Corin and Havern over ownership of Blood Lake. Pressed into the Rache militia, it was a dispute that changed his life. The three year conflict taught him sword skill and introduced him to the mercenary trade. At 16, he left Rache for Korina, joining the ranks of swords for hire. It was the last time he saw his family though they still live.

Always large and muscular, Hirad found work easy to come by. He first met Sirendor Larn, Ilkar and The Unknown Warrior (the core of the original Raven) at age 20 with his reputation as a quick blade even quicker to anger already assured. Hirad has no real plan beyond his fighting days and the fear of becoming useless grows as he ages.