Ilkar, the Raven's Elven MageHirad Coldheart Barbarian WarriorStyliann of Xetesk, Lord of the MountHistory of The RavenDenser of Xetesk, the newest Raven mageThe Unknown Warrior. Enough Said.Erienne Malvanai, Mage of Dordover
The History and Geography of Balaia
Parve, City of the Wytch Lords
The Arch Temple of the Wrethsires
The College of Julatsa
The College of Dordover
The College of Lystern
The College of Xetesk
The Town of Understone
Septerne Manse
The City of Korina
Taranspike Castle
The Castle Town of BlackthorneThe Town of Arlen
The Town of Gyernath
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